Why hiring the right people makes all the difference to your escape room

The best escape rooms offer top-notch puzzles, amazing customer service and perfectly-functioning facilities. Failing to offer this ‘holy trinity’ could lead to a disappointing experience for customers. Escape rooms don’t just happen by accident, of course, and as well as meticulous planning they also need the right staff to make the experience unforgettable. Who you […]

What escape room owners should know about cybersecurity

The threat of cybersecurity threats, hacks and data breaches has never been higher, affecting a whole host of industries. From hospitality and recruitment to entertainment spaces, cybersecurity is an issue that affects us all and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Escape room owners hold on to contact details for bookings and could be at risk of […]

The Dos & Don’ts of Designing Your Own Escape Room

If you love an escape room but now find yourself having completed all of the ones available in your local area, why not consider designing your own for your friends, family or co-workers? While you may think it sounds too complicated having to come up with your own story, clues and hiring the necessary equipment, […]

Planning for a Covid-19 safe birthday party

Covid-19 has really made birthday parties a challenge. Gathering together in large groups, going out to attractions, and even eating where you like, have all become significant challenges through the pandemic. But whether you have a child’s birthday on the horizon, or you are planning a celebration for an adult, you may well be interested […]

Escape Rooms Start to Reopen in the UK

The hospitality and entertainment sector has been hit very hard since the Covid 19 lock down but now we can see that escape rooms around the UK are starting to open again, most will have some restrictions due to the covid 19 and preventative measures in place to keep as many visitors and staff safe. […]


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