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Escape room party at home for adults

Escape room party at home for adults
Escape Room Information

Escape rooms can be recreated at home by designing your own puzzles, clues and challenges for friends. With some creativity, you can transform your space into an immersive experience for game nights, team building, or parties. An at-home escape room allows you to customize the theme, difficulty, and puzzles to suit your guests.

How to celebrate an escape rooms party for adults at home?

Choose an Immersive Theme

Select a theme that inspires all aspects of your at-home escape room like decor, props, music, scents, lighting, etc. Consider themes that lend themselves well to puzzles and clues, as well as your group’s interests. Some great options for an adult escape room at home include:

  • Spy/Espionage: Develop codes, ciphers and gadgets to unlock secrets and complete the mission. Play suspenseful music to add drama.
  • Murder Mystery: Solve cryptic clues and puzzles to determine the murderer, weapon, motive, etc. Add crime scene tape, fake blood and weapons as props. Play eerie, unsettling music.
  • Prohibition: Work together to find a secret speakeasy by following mysterious clues. Include moonshine jugs, tobacco, fedoras and antique accessories as props. Play jazz music from the era.
  • Jungle Exploration: Follow maps and clues to uncover an ancient lost temple or artifact. Include torches, backpacks, machetes and tribal decor as props. Play adventure soundtrack music.

Source Props and Puzzles

Visit local thrift stores, dollar stores, party supply stores and craft stores to find inexpensive props, decor items and materials to bring your theme to life. Repurposing items you already have is also a great option.

For the puzzles, create codes, ciphers, riddles and challenging physical elements representing your theme. A good rule of thumb is to include:

  • A combination of both intellectual/mental puzzles and physical elements requiring manipulation or navigation. This provides variety and challenges all skill sets.
  • A gradual progression in difficulty. Start easier to learn the flow and build confidence, then make puzzles increasingly harder as they move through the experience. But avoid frustration.
  • Red herrings and plot twists to make discovering the correct path more engaging and tricky. But avoid confusion by ensuring there is only one true solution and path to the end.
  • A range of puzzles suitable for both beginners and more advanced players. This way all guests can participate and enjoy themselves.

Develop Clues and a Storyline

  • Come up with a simple storyline or reason for completing the puzzles and escaping the room within a time limit. For example, defuse a bomb, break into a vault, solve a murder, find a vaccine, etc.
  • Develop a series of clues leading players through the puzzles in a logical order. Include movie/song references or inside jokes when possible to make discovering the clues more engaging.

Set the Scene

  • Transform one room in your home into the setting for your escape room theme using props, lighting, sound, scents, decorations, etc. Group some props/clues together and make some more difficult to find for variety.
  • Ensure puzzles are challenging yet achievable in the time allowed. Test and tweak as needed. Add or remove clues to adjust difficulty.

Share Tips for an Optimal Experience

  • Establish ground rules for keeping the experience realistic e.g. time limit for escaping, limited hint requests, staying in character, not damaging any props. Designate a “gamemaster” to enforce rules and provide help as needed.
  • Take photos and video to capture the behind-the-scenes and share highlights with guests after playing!
  • Consider offering a small prize for the winning team or escaping the quickest. Serve cocktails and snacks to complete the experience.

Briefly summarize the key steps and elements for creating an escape room party at home for adults. Reiterate that it makes for a unique party idea and team building experience. End by encouraging the reader to develop an at-home escape room to bring more mystery, intrigue and adventure to their next game night or weekend plans.