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How to Beat an Escape Room: Everything You Need to Know

How to Beat an Escape Room: Everything You Need to Know
Escape Room Information

Escape rooms are all the rage, with thousands of themed challenges popping up in cities worldwide. But beating an escape room isn’t easy, especially when the clock is ticking down! With a time limit pressing you to find clues quickly, solve complicated puzzles and unlock mysteries before it’s too late, escape rooms can be as frustrating as they are fun.

Don’t get locked into defeat just yet. By following tips from escape room staff and enthusiasts, you can solve even the most mind-bending challenges. The keys to conquering any escape room are communicating with your team, thinking logically about clues and puzzles, staying calm under pressure and dividing to tackle problems from multiple angles.

Whether for a social event, team building activity or competition, escape rooms push groups to work together in new ways. The added countdown creates a sense of urgency and thrill that typical teamwork exercises lack. If you want to beat your friends at their favorite new entertainment craze, check out these strategies from the experts. Victory and escape can be yours – if you have the determination, mental skill and cooperative spirit to outwit the game designers. The clock starts…NOW!

Tips to win all your escape room

1. Do Your Research

Don’t overlook any details in an escape room, no matter how small – they could conceal clues critical to your success. Touch or move everything, check high and low, and think outside the obvious. Puzzle pieces may hide behind power outlets, under furniture cushions, inside books and more. The escape room designers have thought of it all, so you’ll need to as well to find every clue before the time runs out.

2. Look for Clues Everywhere:

Shout out the location of clues, codes, keys or ciphers you find to prevent re-searching the same spots. Regular communication with teammates also sparks new ideas and connections that may otherwise go undiscovered. Two or more minds are better than one for solving the layered mysteries escape rooms contain. Put your heads together and start sleuthing!

3. Communicate With Your Team

Work together to solve puzzles twice as fast. Shout out clues and suggests, ask lots of questions, bounce ideas off each other. Teamwork is key! The more clues and perspectives you have to work with, the faster those locks will start opening and codes will be cracked. Collaboration is what escape rooms are all about – you’ll either win or lose as a team. Rely on each other’s skills to put the bigger picture together one puzzle piece at a time. Divide and conquer for maximum productivity against the clock!

Communicate With Your Team

4. Think Logically and Try Random Solutions

Even when stumped, stay focused and look for connections between clues or a pattern/sequence to locks and puzzles. Make educated guesses based on the information you have, and don’t be afraid to input possible solutions, even if they seem random. You never know what might work! Trying every possibility, no matter how improbable, is better than not trying at all with the countdown ticking. Stay open to trial and error – it may be the only way out!

5. Ask For a Hint If Stumped

Don’t let frustration over one puzzle lead to defeat. Ask your game host for a hint to advance if your team runs out of ideas or the clock is running low. Hints point you in the right direction to solve the puzzle without giving the full solution away. With a nudge back on track, your momentum and motivation will be restored to beat the remaining challenges before time is up!


6. Take Pictures (If Allowed) and Notes

Unless prohibited, take photos in the room to capture clues, puzzles and anything else that stands out. Don’t assume you’ll remember it all with the stress of the countdown and possibility of escaping crowding your memory! Notes and snapping quick pictures ensure no details slip through the cracks and become useful for double checking your thinking or re-evaluating clues if stuck. The answer may lie within one of those photos or scribbled notes.

7. Try New Perspectives

View puzzles, clues and the room itself from different angles by walking around, sitting versus standing, or if possible, even laying on the floor. What you spot from one vantage point may differ greatly from another, revealing secrets otherwise missed. Escape room designers are clever, often hiding clues in hard to see places that require adopting an unconventional point of view. Try them all to unlock everything hidden before you!

8. Divide and Conquer

Panicking will only cloud your thinking and judgment, wasting valuable escaping time. Take a deep breath and enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles together. Remind yourself why you came – for an unforgettable adventure and story to tell, win or lose! While the goal is to beat the game and escape, don’t forget to smile and laugh along the way. Escape rooms should stimulate your mind but also be enjoyable social experiences. Focus on the fun of problem-solving with friends rather than the pressure of the countdown for the best time.

9. Stay Calm and Have Fun!

Panicking will only waste valuable time. Take a deep breath, smile and enjoy solving the challenges. Even if you don’t escape, you’ll have a great story to tell! The countdown is on – let the adventures begin!


Escape rooms offer an exciting challenge like no other – the thrill of solving mysteries and puzzles against the clock with a group of friends or co-workers. While intimidating at first, beating an escape room is achievable by following a few key tips from the experts and veterans of many successful escapes.

Most importantly, tap into an adventurous spirit and curiosity – the qualities that draw us all to escape rooms to begin with! Victory is not the only reward. Working with others on a shared mission to solve mysteries against the odds creates memories to last well beyond the countdown.