Bedlam – Escape The Asylum

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Bedlam: Escape The Asylum

The Bedlam Institute ran for over 75 years, harbouring those thought mentally unstable to be members of society. Opening first in the late 1800s as a refuge for people who needed help, it soon turned into something far more sinister as the doctors began to perform horrifying experiments and tests on some of the patients. Many of the early patients died as a result of the testing, with them disappeared the majority of the records for the patients in what was to become a large scale cover up by those in charge at the institute.
In the early 1900s things began to change in society and it became harder for the doctors to continue to cover up their fowl experiments, so they began to operate in secret, continuing their work but under a guise of progressive and new experimental treatments. Most of the records that were kept on patients were either fabricated or simply destroyed, making it almost impossible to track what was actually performed on the unfortunate souls who were admitted to the asylum.
Fast forward 50 years to the admittance of Annie Sanbrooke, a poor young lady admitted to Bedlam under false pretences, it was clear from the start that she planned to escape…
What happened to her while she was in the institute did she ever escape? You and your party have been sent to discover what happened to Annie and find your own freedom from one of the most evil places imaginable…
Nothing is certain, you’re not sure how you got there and there’s an eerie feeling the place is long since abandoned.

Duration Players Difficulty
60 minutes 2-6

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10.00 - 22.00


10.00 - 22.00


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10.00 - 22.00

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