Mr Chuckles Fun House

Escape Quest

Mr Chuckles Fun House | Escape Quest

Mr Chuckles has got one that he’s made especially for you! It’s no ordinary game, Mr Chuckles doesn’t like ordinary games, his are designed to trick, test, challenge and divide you.

Once you enter his creepy funhouse you must work as a team to outsmart Mr Chuckles’ tricky puzzles. However teamwork will only take you so far in the game before it’s every player for themselves!

You each need one ticket to escape, so if you find one hold on to it tight or get out quick stopping the clock and sabotaging your team mates chances of finding their own ticket, the choice is yours.

Will you help the other players find their tickets as the last remaining minutes count down? The time ends as soon as the first golden ticket holder exits the game, so you need to decide what’s more important – A fast time or for every member of your team to win the game?

For teams unlucky enough to still be inside without a ticket or too slow to get out as the final seconds tick by, Mr Chuckles has one last surprise up his sleeve. He needs to clear the funhouse ready for his next players and the fastest way to do it is to flush the place out with an acid shower.
Death comes quickly to those that are left behind!


Duration Players Difficulty
60 Minutes 3 – 7

Opening Hours


10.30 - 21.00 Bank Holidays Only


10.30 - 21.00


10.30 - 21.00


10.30 - 21.00


10.30 - 21.00


10.30 - 20.00


10.30 - 20.00

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