Operation Dead Planet

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Operation: Dead Planet

A recent research team have been classed as missing whilst exploring what was believed to be an uninhabited planet.
Operation Dead Planet: You are on your way to retrieve the scientific data and locate the missing people. When entering the atmosphere, all electrical equipment failed causing you to crash and upon impact, your team has become separated.
The missing researchers had previously provided information on a powerful energy source within a temple and also that there are highly volatile creatures which attack only in darkness. The planet has only one hour of sunlight. You must find out what happened to the first research team and make your escape off the planet before the creatures awaken.

Duration Players Difficulty
60 minutes 5-10

Opening Hours


10.00 - 22.30


10.00 - 22.30


10.00 - 22.30


10.00 - 22.30


10.00 - 22.30


10.00 - 22.30


10.00 - 22.30

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