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The 15 Best Escape Rooms in England

The 15 Best Escape Rooms in England
Escape Room Information

Ready for an adventure? Escape rooms have taken England by storm, popping up in cities across the country. If you’re looking to test your wits against fiendish puzzles, immerse yourself in an exciting story or just try something new with friends, England’s escape rooms will thrill you in ways you never imagined.

Escape rooms are real-life puzzle adventures where players solve clues within a set time limit to escape from locked rooms. Except unlike your standard padlocked shed, escape rooms come fully themed as everything from dystopian futures to Victorian Gothic chambers or Egyptian tombs. It’s part puzzle-solving, part live-action role play and 100% adrenaline-fueled fun.

England offers escape rooms suited for players of all interests, abilities and desired difficulty. Want to infiltrate a smuggler’s cove in Brighton? Search for a murderer aboard the Orient Express? Or escape from Alcatraz prison cells in Manchester? England’s escape rooms plunge you into the time and place with movie-worthy sets and effects. The only limit is your imagination!

Houdini's Escape Room Experience

Handmade Mysteries in London

Handmade Mysteries is London’s oldest escape room company for good reason. They are renowned for highly detailed rooms set in historical and fiction themes, stylish interiors and inventive puzzles. In The Cabin in the Woods, players awaken in a strange room with no memory of how they got there. Using found objects and distorted realities, teams try escape what feels like a dream.

Equally surreal is The Haunted Toy Store where the animatronic toys have turned deadly. With mysteries to thrill veteran escapers and clever conundrums for newcomers, Handmade Mysteries has adventure for all. Check Escape Rooms

Panic Room Gravesend

The Panic Room Gravesend

For an escape experience like no other, visit The Panic Room Gravesend – located within a former nuclear bunker. Their space age rooms push the boundaries of escape room technology with multi-level games of Britain’s Cold War history. The sheer scale and innovation of their rooms has cemented Panic Room Gravesend as one of England’s most sought-after escape attractions. Check Escape Rooms

Escape Hunt in Manchester

Escape Hunt in Manchester

In the heart of Manchester sits Escape Land, one of England’s largest escape room attractions with 11 different games on offer. Escape Land is known for highly detailed rooms ranging from cursed Egyptian tombs to Victorian asylums, prison breaks and more. Working in the escape industry since 2013, the creators bring years of experience to ensure innovative stories and effects in every room.

Pier Pressure Escape Rooms

Pier Pressure in Brighton

In the seaside town of Brighton sits Pier Pressure escape rooms, set within the historic Brighton Palace Pier. Packed with excitement, you and your teammates will leap into new worlds completing ground-breaking missions. Work as a team to find clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges before the time runs out. This isn’t something you watch, it’s something you experience – right in the heart of the action. Check Escape Rooms

Escape Hunt in Multiple Locations

Escape Hunt in Multiple Locations

Escape Hunt operates 70+ escape rooms across England with locations from London to York, Edinburgh to Oxford. Their diverse games range from gold heists to murder mysteries on the Orient Express. With slick production and effects, Escape Hunt has expanded globally due to their engaging, high-quality rooms designed for any group size or ability. Check Escape Rooms

Clue HQ in Bedford

Located within an old warehouse, Clue HQ is a popular Bedford attraction offering physical and mental escape room challenges. In “The Vault” defuse a bomb before time runs out, while “Revenge of the She Wolf” turns the story of Little Red Riding Hood on its head. Solving layered puzzles across multiple rooms,
their unique games and theatrical flourishes make Clue HQ a standout. Check Escape Rooms

Escape Game Over in Newcastle

Escape Newcastle

At Escape Newcastle, futuristic rooms are set within a purpose-built escape room facility. Using technology and special effects for high-octane adventures, their rooms include “Prison Break” and “Nuclear Countdown.” Aiming to thrill players of all abilities, Escape Newcastle popular for corporate events and team building. Advanced booking is required due to high demand for their action-packed Newcastle venue. Check Escape Rooms

The Great Escape Game Leeds

The Great Escape Game Leeds, your ultimate destination for thrilling and immersive escape rooms in Leeds city centre. Their escape rooms are perfect for groups of friends, families, or colleagues looking for an exciting and unique experience.

Located in the heart of Leeds, our escape rooms offer a fun and challenging activity that will put your problem-solving skills to the test. With a variety of themes to choose from, each with its own set of puzzles and challenges, you’ll be fully immersed in an alternate reality that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Check Escape Rooms

Keyhunter in Birmingham

Keyhunter in Birmingham

Keyhunter offers beginner to advanced escape rooms in central Birmingham. Using digital puzzles in futuristic rooms, their “the Triads” and “The double crossing” and The Bed Games games challenge teams with innovative technologies and hidden secrets to uncover. For high-tech adventures ideal for families and friends, choose Keyhunter. Check Escape Rooms

Locked in Games in Nottingham

Locked in Games in Nottingham

Below Nottingham Castle sits Locked in Games, an escape venue located within historic caves. In rooms like “Smugglers Cave” and “The Wizard’s Potion”, teams complete challenges amidst atmospheric surroundings. For an escape experience like no other, discover Nottingham’s history through Locked in Games’ ingeniously themed subterranean rooms.Check Escape Rooms

Breakout Live Swansea

Breakout Live Swansea

Escape Live brings highly-rated games to historic Oxford in rooms inspired by science labs, prison cells and more. Working in the industry since 2013, their creators design rewarding puzzles for all abilities. With engaging storylines and slick designs, Escape Live offers clever conundrums for families to hardcore escapers in an idyllic Oxford location. Check Escape Rooms

Hell In A Cell Escape Rooms Bristol

Hell In A Cell Escape Rooms Bristol

The last thing you remember was walking along the road with your friends… There was a funny smell, then everything went black! You have been kidnapped by ‘The Doctor’ who has taken over the local hospital. Fast running out of patients, The Doctor kidnaps new test subjects for his twisted experiments.

You will need to work as a team to figure out how to escape before The Doctor comes back for you. Can you escape before treatment? Check Escape Rooms

HintHunt in London

Escape Enterttaimentin London

At Escape Enterttaiment , stylish rooms in central London contain difficult puzzles aimed at seasoned escapers. Their minimal yet well-designed games like “Prohibition Pandemonium” or “Bank Heist” provide complex mental challenges within an unassuming space. For clever conundrums and a upscale escape experience, visit Escape Enterttaiment. Check Escape Rooms

When seeking immersive stories, head-scratching puzzles or just lively group adventures in England, look no further than their top escape rooms. While exhilarating, the true reward lies in overcoming challenges through cooperation with friends by your side.

For memories to last far beyond your escape, choose between historic haunts, fantastical futures or adventures under your feet. Escape into the unknown at England’s must-experience attractions. The time is now. Let the games begin!