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5 Easy Escape Rooms for First-Timers in UK

5 Easy Escape Rooms for First-Timers in UK
Escape Room Information

Escape rooms have become hugely popular in the UK, providing an exciting social activity for people looking to solve mysteries and puzzles against the clock. However, some rooms are quite challenging, especially for beginners and families with children. Not to worry – there are many escape rooms specifically designed for first-timers that offer simple puzzles suitable for all skill levels.

This guide features 5 of the easiest escape rooms perfect for newcomers to this experience in major cities across the UK. Whether in London, Manchester, Edinburgh or Cardiff, there is an escape adventure for beginners to try. No prior experience is needed for these rooms that emphasize fun over difficulty. Escape rooms are also a perfect activity for families, kids and anyone aged 8 and up.

The Crystal Maze (London, Manchester):

The Crystal Maze is based on the iconic TV show where contestants complete challenges in themed zones to win crystals and escape. The escape room adaptation is suitable for ages 8 and up, providing fun for the whole family. You must escape the Aztec, Futuristic, Medieval and other zones by solving basic puzzles that require minimal difficulty.

With locations in London and Manchester, The Crystal Maze escape experience starts at £30 per person for 60 minutes of puzzle-solving action. No prior knowledge of the show is needed to enjoy this escape, ideal for beginners and kids. The zones have been recreated in intricate detail to transport you on an adventure like no other. Expect the unexpected – can you collect enough crystals to escape in under an hour? Adventure awaits!

Escape Quest

Escape Quest (London, Brighton, Liverpool):

Escape Quest operates beginner-friendly escape rooms at locations in London, Brighton and Liverpool. With light, fun puzzles suitable for ages 6 and up, Escape Quest is ideal for first-timers and families. Themed rooms include ‘Toy Shop,’ where you complete challenges to escape within 60 minutes, and ‘Sweet Shop,’ requiring you to find clues hidden in jars of sweets.

Open daily from £15 per person, Escape Quest’s Bristol and Brighton venues also offer ‘Library’ and ‘The Experiment’ rooms for rookie escape artists. The puzzles in each room are basic, whimsical, and guaranteed to delight players of all ages. For an easy, playful introduction to escape rooms perfect for children and adults alike, you can’t go wrong with the starter rooms at Escape Quest. Your adventure into escaping begins here!

Clue HQ (Glasgow, Edinburgh):

Clue HQ operates two award-winning escape rooms designed for beginners in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland. Their escape rooms are suitable for ages 8 and up, with simple puzzles to solve in under an hour. ‘The Game Master’s Folly’ and ‘Ultimate Escape’ rooms in both cities are rated as ‘easy’ for first-timers. Players will have great fun tackling the puzzles in this colorful, cartoonish environment.

Priced from £20 per person, Clue HQ’s escape rooms for beginners provide excellent introductions tailored for families with kids and rookie players. Min age is 8 to play, but the puzzles are creative enough to engage adults as well. For escape room novices in Edinburgh or Glasgow, start your adventures unraveling the clues at Clue HQ. The game master awaits!

Escape Reality

Escape Reality (Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol):

Escape Reality is a popular escape room company in Wales with locations also in Bristol, England. Ten of their rooms across various cities are rated ‘easy’ for beginners, including ‘The Gate’ and ‘Santa’s Christmas Chaos’. Escape Reality’s high-quality sets and inventive storylines provide an exciting yet unintimidating first escape room experience.

Puzzles lean more to the mysterious than difficult, guaranteed to thrill newcomers to escape rooms. Prices start at £18 per person for a fun social activity for ages 8 and up. Escape Reality’s easy-rated rooms offer the perfect balance for beginners where the challenge comes from the clock rather than the puzzles. For a fun family-friendly or group activity in Wales and Bristol, check out an easy escape for your first room. The holidays await at Santa’s chaotic Christmas escape!