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The 15 Best Escape Rooms in London

The 15 Best Escape Rooms in London
Escape Room Information

London is undoubtedly the escape room capital of Europe, if not the world. Nowhere else will you find such a vast array of escape rooms, with new venues and games continually opening around the city. Escape rooms have become a hugely popular entertainment activity in London, giving people an opportunity for an immersive, social experience quite unlike any other.

The escape rooms on offer in London range from ancient Egyptian tombs and Victorian-era prisons to futuristic spaceship adventures and bank heist crises. No matter what your interests or ability level, there is an escape room to match. London’s escape room venues are creating ever more elaborate sets and fanciful storylines, incorporating technology, effects and props to take players on an unforgettable journey.

What are the best escape rooms in London?

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt should rank at the top of any list of must-experience escape rooms in London. Their creative rooms raise the bar with movie-quality sets and effects that have to be seen to be believed. Whether an escape room newcomer or veteran, Escape Hunt has an adventure for you. Time is of the essence, let the games begin! Escape now…

Hint Hunt

Hint Hunt is one of the largest escape room companies in London with 4 separate escape rooms and the capacity to hold up to 30 players at a time. Their futuristic Sci-Fi themed escape rooms are considered some of the most technologically advanced and challenging in London. Players must work together to escape high-tech facilities including a spaceship, secret laboratory and maximum security prison.

The Escape Room London

The Escape Room London

The Escape Room London operates 3 elaborately themed escape rooms in an abandoned warehouse venue. Their movie-inspired escape rooms include ‘Enigmista’ based on the sci-fi film Ex Machina where you must break into a billionaire’s secret bio-research facility, ‘The Facility’ concerning an outbreak of an unknown virus requiring biohazard containment, and ‘Avatar’ letting you explore the world of Pandora like the James Cameron film. Games can hold up to 8 players with a minimum of 2 participants. Open late until 11 pm on weekends for post-dinner entertainment.

Time Run: The Lance of Longinus

Time Run operates ‘The Lance of Longinus’, a unique escape room incorporating virtual and physical elements. Teams go back in time to 54AD Rome on a quest to retrieve the mythical Lance of Longinus. Solving puzzles in both a physical room and virtual world using VR headsets, with surprises and set changes activated by AI. For 3 to 6 players, located Angel, North London. One of London’s most innovative escape rooms.

Escape Plan: The Houdini Experience

Escape Plan offers ‘The Houdini Experience’ where players re-enact Harry Houdini’s water torture cell escape. Learn about Houdini through interactive theatre and magic. Teams have 1 hour to solve the equipment in the room to release ‘Houdini’ from the water cell. For ages 10 and up, groups up to 8. Basic difficulty, accessible for all skill levels. An educational experience that brings Houdini’s daring act to life.

ClueHQ: The Escape

Clue HQ is an ideal option for tech-savvy escape room aficionados looking to push the limits of what is possible. Their futuristic rooms include high-end effects not found in most standard escape games. For a social event with a difference or corporate team building, Clue HQ: The Escape promises an adventure you’ll be talking about for some time. Do you have the knowledge, logic and quick-thinking required to escape their movie-quality facilities before doomsday or prison lockdown? The future starts now…your high-tech escape awaits!

Escape London: The Mysteries of London Past

Escape London provides an opportunity to explore eras of London’s history first-hand. Their atmospheric rooms bring the past to life through intricate period details for an educational adventure. A perfect team building or social activity for learning about history in an interactive way.

No Escape London

No Escape London runs two escape rooms where teams encounter supernatural forces. In ‘The Attic’ explore a spooky attic and graveyard amid strange occurrences. ‘The Seance’ involves a spirit medium contacting ghosts, that ultimately turn violent. Each room holds up to 6 players. Difficulty levels of medium to hard (scary), ages 15 and up.

Theatrical rooms with trained actors for added intensity. Late evening operation until 11 pm. For thrill-seekers seeking an unsettling escape room adventure with genuine frights. An experience paying homage to horror classics.

clue adventure
Free public domain CC0 photo.

Clue Adventures

Clue Adventures operates 3 escape rooms in London including one set in a historic London pub and a heist at the National Gallery. For up to 6 players ages 16 and up, medium difficulty. Open daily until 11 pm, prices from £23 per person.

Escape Kit

Runs 2 escape rooms set in a 1940s air raid shelter and cursed ancient Egyptian tomb. Holds up to 6 players, recommended for ages 12 and up. Evening/weekend openings in Central London from £25 per player.

Escape Entertainment

Escape Entertainment features 5 themed escape rooms including prison van, Victorian asylum and gangster’s basement. Challenging games for up to 6 players ages 15 and over. Late night operations until midnight, student discounts available. Prices start at £30 per person for 60-minute games.

Project M Escape Rooms

Project M Escape Rooms offers 4 futuristic escape rooms including time travel, teleportation and alien abduction themes. For 2 to 5 players, ages 15 and up, difficulty levels from medium to hard. South London location, open on weekends until late, from £25 per player.

Escape in Time

Escape in Time operates 2 historical escape rooms set in WWII bomb shelters and Jack the Ripper’s London. For up to 5 players, ages 12 and over, medium difficulty. Evening openings after 5 pm, Central London location, prices start at £30 per person.

The Panic Room Gravesend

The Panic Room Gravesend runs 4 escape rooms with horror/paranormal themes including abandoned asylum and haunted house. For 2 to 5 players, ages 15 and over, moderate scare factor. Weekday/weekend bookings in Kent, 30 mins from London, from £20 per player.


London has cemented its status as the escape room capital of the world thanks to its vast array of innovative companies creating experiences for thrill-seekers. Whatever your interests, there is an escape room adventure for you amongst the options in this guide. From historical rooms transporting you to the past to futuristic space adventures and spine-tingling horror chambers, London’s escape rooms push the boundaries of possibility.

The venues featured here represent the diversity of what London’s escape room scene has to offer. Whether you’re looking for an unusual social experience, team building challenge, or Birthday activity with a twist, you’re sure to find an option tailored to your tastes. For families, kids and beginners, there are also easier introductory rooms to start with before moving on to more advanced escapes.