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Which Difficulty Levels of Escape Room are there?

Which Difficulty Levels of Escape Room are there?
Escape Room Information

The difficulty level you choose for an escape room depends entirely on what you aim to get out of the experience. Beginner rooms provide an opportunity to learn the basics, enjoy some simple puzzles, and share an adventure together in a low-pressure setting suitable for all ages. Intermediate rooms challenge players to improve problem-solving skills and teamwork, offer a sense of accomplishment when escaped, and balance difficulty with fun.

Advanced rooms push the limits of critical thinking and logic, rewarding groups who escape with a true feeling of achievement having overcome an intense challenge. Expert level rooms are for thrill-seekers and the highly competitive, requiring off-the-charts cleverness and perseverance to escape.

Difficulty Level of Escape Room

Beginner (Easy)

  • Best for: First-time players, children/families, recreational experience
  • Puzzles are simple with many clues provided. A high success rate, often 30% or more. Offers an introduction to escape rooms without much pressure. Beginner rooms focus on the experience rather than difficulty. Puzzles may be overly simplistic or repetitive for more advanced players.
  • Benefits: Learn the basics of escape rooms. Suitable for all ages/skill levels. Low stress. More focus on fun and adventure. Ideal for new players or a recreational group activity.

Intermediate (Medium)

  • Best for: Experienced players looking for a challenge, team building events
  • Puzzles are moderately complex with some hints provided. Moderate success rates around 50-60%. Groups need to work together while thinking logically and creatively. The most popular level, balancing challenge and success. May not push highly skilled teams outside their comfort zone.
  • Benefits: Improves problem-solving skills and teamwork. Provides a sense of achievement when escaped but remains engaging for most. Challenging without being discouraging for those new to intermediate difficulty. For players seeking to build on beginner room experiences with something more complex but still achievable.

Advanced (Hard)

  • Best for: Escape room enthusiasts, competitive teams seeking an intense challenge
  • Puzzles are highly complex with limited hints provided. Low success rates around 30% or less. Requires “outside the box” thinking and problem-solving to progress. Not suitable for beginners or groups not wanting a strenuous mental workout.
  • Benefits: Significantly improve critical thinking and logic skills. Provides a thrilling challenge for experienced players. Bragging rights for escaping a difficult room. Pushes teams outside their comfort zone in a rewarding way. For those seeking an unforgettable escape experience requiring peak performance.

Expert (Very Hard)

  • Best for: Highly skilled, competitive teams looking for an exceptionally demanding challenge
  • Puzzles are remarkably intricate with almost no guidance given. Very low success rates, often less than 20%. Rooms are designed to be nearly impossible to escape without expert-level problem-solving abilities, persistence, and teamwork. Not suitable for recreational or inexperienced groups.
  • Benefits: The ultimate test of mental endurance, patience, team dynamics and perseverance. Escaping a room at this difficulty level feels like a real triumph against unbeatable odds. For top-tier teams that crave challenges as mentally taxing as physically extreme sports. Achieving against the odds leads to a sense of accomplishment like none other. Bragging rights are hard-earned at this level.


In summary, the ideal escape room difficulty level for you depends on your group’s experience, skills, interests, and objectives. For the best experience tailor-made to your needs, determine how challenging and complex you want the puzzles, and how competitive or recreational the event should be. Don’t hesitate to ask the venue for guidance on which rooms suit you best.

The perfect level is out there for unlimited fun, adventure, learning or competition. Solving puzzles at the right difficulty will lead to the optimum mix of motivation, achievement and reward for all.